The Rise and Fall and Rise of Java

Stephen O'Grady of developer focused analyst firm, RedMonk, will paint a picture of what the future might have in-store for Java, in his keynote from JAXConf 2013:
The Java ecosystem, long a bastion of stability in an otherwise volatile industry, is often overlooked of late, overshadowed by newer, more hyped alternatives. In many respects, the unrest couldn't have come at a worse time, as developer attention and focus is fragmenting under a constant stream of platform, language and framework fragmentation. What does this mean for Java advocates? We'll explore and unpack the recent events, and evaluate likely scenarios moving forward with an eye towards the implications for Java, including the future of Java the language and Java the platform. This will include relevant metrics vis-a-vis developer attention and strategy, as well as an examination of projects important to the ecosystem. -- Stephen O'Grady
Published June 24, 2013