The State of the Community - Forward 2 Keynote

Karolina Szczur’s keynote for Forward JS is a prefect embodiment of the conference itself. In just its 2nd iteration, the progressive “web technology summit” takes a straightforward look at the latest in development, celebrates certain achievements made by individuals and by the community, but it also recognizes that things are not perfect. The organizers and attendees genuinely seem to care about, and are interested in, how to be better.

Instead of focusing on specific technological changes and ideas in open source, Karolina takes a step back, looking at the very roots, the fundamentals, of where an idea like sharing software with one another comes from.

“Open source was built on premise of collaboration, on this basic human need of being social, it spurred from the willingness of sharing and contributing to the community as a whole, instead of sitting alone in isolation, which is fundamentally against our nature as humans.”

I’ll let her do the rest of the talking… welcome to Forward 2!

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Published February 14, 2015