Three Key Components for a Strong System Administrator

Man using computer in server room

Today’s System Administrator wears a variety of hats! 

When considering what makes a good SysAdmin, we can distill down to 3 key elements

1. Sound technical knowledge of the systems they administrate
2. Strong interpersonal skills to communicate and get along well with others
3. Understanding the management and procedural components of the organization

Technical Knowledge: 
At its the very core, SysAdmins require a detailed understanding of the technical systems that they administrate. Specifically, they should have a sound understanding of the operating systems, applications and services utilized within their organization. Due to the fast pace at which technology travels, this knowledge should be constantly kept up to date. This can best be accomplished by keeping up with technical training by earning relevant IT certifications and acquiring administrator-level knowledge of the databases, servers (web, email and so forth) which they use. This will help lay the foundation for the making of good SysAdmin.

Interpersonal Skills:
In addition to a sound technical understanding of the computer systems used within their organization, a good SysAdmin must also have interpersonal skills.  Working with a variety of employees is commonplace for this role. They should have the ability to explain technical information in an in-depth fashion to their IT counterparts, but also clearly and simply to their non-technical colleagues. One of their main responsibilities includes the ability to effectively problem solve, which obviously requires both technical knowledge, but also patience. A successful SysAdmin should be organized with a keen eye for detail. 

Management and procedural components:
Last, but not least, a good SysAdmin should understand the management and procedural components of their organization. In order to compete in today’s market, organizations must continuously evolve and improve on the technologies, tools and business models they use. At the hub of that evolution lies the IT Department, and at its core you will find the SysAdmin. A good SysAdmin will not only understand how these components play out in the overall business operations, but also know how to best manage and implement these continuous improvements.

The good news is that these three core components can be taught!

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Published February 5, 2020