Tutorial: X86 ROM Cooking 101 - Android Builders Summit

This tutorial from Android Builders Summit takes a hands-on approach to customizing and building Android directly from the Android Open Source Project (AOSP). You will discover how Android is made, how to build a lean Android emulator, and the steps to build a minimal, fully operational, Android configuration that runs on the QEMU virtual machine, using just these few components:

Ron Munitz, Instructor here at ProTech, begins with slides that provide back story on the history of Android, then presents concepts that apply to ROM cooking for any Android compatible device. Halfway through, he dives into the code, demoing the build system of the AOSP.

Upon watching, you will have the skills to follow Ron's exact steps to build your own Android system for any virtual machine, and in turn, the knowledge to build it for any custom device.


Additional Resources from ProTech:


Published May 28, 2014