Using Feature Flags

As the scale of your product and development team grows, building and shipping features becomes complicated. That's because each time you release a new feature, you've got to consider how it will interact with all of your previous features. Feature flags, which give you the ability to turn features on or off at a moments notice, are a powerful tool for confronting this issue.

Simon Willison believes that anytime you are trying to build high quality software, it is best to obey the mantra of “releasing early, releasing often.” He says, “until your software is in front of real human beings, you have absolutely no idea how they're going to use it, or if you're even building the right thing.” In this presentation, he explains how feature flags have helped him to do that.

This is part 1/6 in a series on Advanced Django Patterns at Eventbrite and Lanyrd. You can find the complete series in this post.

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Published April 24, 2014