Replacing Java Incrementally with JRuby

At an event organized by LinkedIn and Engine Yard on November 2, 2010, Noah Gibbs delivered a presentation on how is using JRuby to leverage its old Java codebase.

A few topics Noah covered include:

  • The advantages of using JRuby to leverage a legacy Java codebase
  • Integration with JSP pages
  • Java models and Active Record wrappers
  • Calling Java-to-Ruby

Check back later this week for videos on these presentations from the event:

  • Learn about JRuby Internals from JRuby Core Developer, Thomas Enebo
  • Learn to Build like you Code with Apache Buildr
  • Check out how LinkedIn Uses JRuby on its Front-end

Check out the video and slides below. And as always, you can find more educational videos on Ruby and open-source at TechTV

Published November 17, 2010