Video Q & A with Dan Bornstein, the creator of Dalvik

Dan Bornstein, the man behind Android's Dalvik VM, kindly stopped by the SF Android User Group to hangout and field questions from the audience. Watch the whole video, or use the table of contents below to jump to specific questions from his 1-hour Q & A.

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Where'd you get the title "Virtual Machinist?"
  3. The story of Android - From Danger, to Android, to the Acquisition by Google.
  4. What sort of changes did Dalvik go through?
  5. The story of the Danger team, Microsoft's Kin, and the iPhone
  6. How did you envision the mobile landscape changing when you initially created Dalvik?
  7. Did you think Dalvik would ever be this big? Have you been to the town in Iceland where Dalvik got its name?
  8. How did you come to the decision to use Java, and were any other languages considered?
  9. When did Binder (IPC) show up and how did that work?
  10. Do you have any thoughts on the 64K method limit?
  11. What were the tradeoffs for using a 16-bit vs 32-bit method reference limit?
  12. Looking back on the development of Dalvik, are there things that could or should have gone differently?
  13. Why build Dalvik as opposed to using standard Java or Java ME?
  14. Was the decision to build Dalvik (versus using Java ME or Java SE) politically or technically motivated?
  15. Android SDK seems to have a lot of decisions made on it that are best practices for Dalvik applications - is that the way it was designed?
  16. Performance vs good design and the shift towards using standard Java best practices
  17. What phone do you carry right now and why?
  18. What have you been doing since Dalvik?
  19. Can you talk about the decision to open source Dalvik?
  20. Concerning the ART VM - do you have any thoughts on the design decisions?
  21. As the developer of Dalvik do you have any tips & tricks?
  22. What's your take on the future of Android? How long will Android dominate?
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Published September 28, 2015