Video Tutorial: Android Application Development

Class 2, Part 4. This video comes from Marakana's 5-Day Android Bootcamp Training Course which Marko Gargenta taught in San Jose, CA earlier this year.

In this tutorial Marko will begin with an explanation of threading in Android, and how you can use AsyncTask to enable proper use of the UI thread.

Marko will also cover how the Android file system is organized as well as how you can use intents and the options menu to jump from one activity to another.

A few other topics covered include how to:

  • Create Preference resource file prefs.xml
  • Implement file that inflates the Preference resource file
  • Register PrefsActivity with the AndroidManifest.xml file
  • Update StatusActivity to Handle Menu Events
  • Create menu.xml resource to specify what a menu consists of
  • Add onCreateOptionsMenu() to the activity that you want to provide a menu

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Get the source code for this tutorial here!

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Published February 9, 2011