Web Components & the Future of CSS

CSS is what got Philip Walton into web development. When he found out about Web Components a few years ago, a light bulb went off, he immediately imagined how these tools were going to make writing CSS so much better. This talk at is about those things.

What makes CSS hard today? Philip mentions some of usual things that people like to complain about: vertical centering, equal height columns, browser inconsistencies, and the burdensome task of needing to learn a bunch of tricks and hacks in order to get anything done. Might Web Components be able to help build better CSS in the future? While a lot of these concepts are still very new, Philip’s goal in this talk to to get you thinking about these things, and motivate you to go try them yourself.

Ultimately, Phlip plans to write an in-depth blog post on this subject, so stay on the look out for that. Cheers to another amazing year with SFHTML5, and if you’re in the Bay Area this Friday, be sure to check out their holiday party!

Follow along with Philip's slides.

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Published December 10, 2014