Web Components & The Future of the Web

What are web components? Well, if you're not sure, have no fear! In this talk, Rod Dodson, freelance front-end developer, provides a thorough overview and then outlines all the specs that collectively make up web components.

To facilitate the next generation of web technologies, browser makers and standards writers have begun opening up new low level APIs which will allow us to not only create our own HTML tags but to also encapsulate our CSS styles. No more global stylesheet soup and no more boilerplate code! In this talk, you will learn strategies to:

  • Protect your CSS and forget about style conflicts
  • Define your own tags and share them with ease
  • Spend less time writing JavaScript and more time constructing pages

He begins by bringing you up to speed and then gets you pretty excited for the tools that are landing in browsers as we speak.

You can follow along with Rob's slides.

If you're ready to dive even deeper, we have a ton of free HTML5 resources and offer professional HTML5 training.

Published December 12, 2013