What’s New in Webi v4.3 SP 2?

What’s New in Webi v4.3 SP 2?

BusinessObjects Web Intelligence SP 4.3 SP 2 was officially released in mid-December with a completely new look and feel.  The BI Launchpad has a new Fiori like appearance.  Navigating has changed dramatically.  The Query Panel has some nice improvements to its look and feel.

The most significant changes are in the Report Viewer Window where we no longer have the Ribbons on top of the viewer window.  The many features are now spread out in the Report Viewer Window.  The reporting Functions found on the Analysis Tab are now spread out in different areas of the report viewer as well.

Major features such as Formulas/Variables have changed as well as Adding and Merging multiple data providers such as Universes and Excel files.

This 1 hour live demo will take you on a guided tour of the new Web Intelligence v4.3 SP 2 where you will have an opportunity to see the new features first hand.

It will also include a Q and A session as well.