What's this jQuery? How it will drive innovation?

In this talk jQuery Project Team member, Jonathan Sharp, sets out to answer four main questions: Where'd jQuery Come from?, Why is it so popular? How has it changed development? How will it drive innovation?

In the scope of his talk Johnathan also touches on:

  • What jQuery is not
  • Core concepts to understand before jumping into jQuery (CSS & Selectors, DOM, Events, JavaScript patterns, etc)
  • Query core, and jQuery project plugins
  • The larger jQuery Project including the jQuery core, jQuery UI, and jQuery mobile
  • jQuery going forward (HTML5, mobile browser support, official Plugins, growing corporate support services)

Finally, Jonathan will dig deep into a few code demos to illustrate some of the core concepts of jQuery, like events, JavaScript patterns, and making Ajax requests.

If you're interested in setting a foundation for diving deeper into jQuery development, or if you'd like to get a better understanding of where jQuery came from and how it will continue to drive innovation with emerging technologies, check out this video

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About this event
This video comes from the event Learn About jQuery: The way JavaScript Should Be held at Microsoft on November 10, 2010, co-organized by Marakana, and presented by the San Francisco HTML5 User Group, San Francisco Java User Group, and the The SF PHP Meetup Group.

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Published December 9, 2010