When WWW Meets IoT

What happens when the World Wide Web meets the Internet of Things? How can a web application access an IoT device? And, why does this matter to you, how does this change the ways that developers will architect web applications for the future?

Kevin Hoyt, Principle Evangelist at Kaazing, takes on these questions and more at the latest SFHTML5 Meetup. He demos several nifty devices, at the intersection of the web and IoT, and explains how IoT devices connect to the web. Using today’s web standards, Kevin explores best practices for interacting with IoT devices from a web-based interface.

This talk is aimed at web developers, no experience with the Internet of Things is required to follow along, so don’t be intimidated newbies! You won’t be one for long!

Check out Kevin's slides.

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Published August 15, 2014