The Low Down on Web Components

Erik Bryn looks at four specifications (Custom Elements, Templates, HTML Import, Shadow DOM), code and concepts, that are sure to get newbies up to speed with this exciting and developing world.

Unidirectional JavaScript

Building a unidirectional web app means having your data flow in one direction. Jake Verbaten talks about structuring a unidirectional application and a library he's been working on called Mercury.

The Lesser Known Features of ES6

Bryan Hughes focuses on exciting new features for ES6 that fewer people are talking about, like, Destructing Assignment, Computed Property Names, the “for…of” statement, the Rest and Spread Operators.

Better Code Review

Software peer review is essential on a modern development team. Learn how to keep your code healthy, and your people happy in this 15 minute talk from Forward JS.

Unorthodox Performance

John-David Dalton wants to improve JavaScript performance. To do so, he's developed some unique and unconventional techniques, and a utility library called Lo-Dash.

When WWW Meets IoT

What happens when the World Wide Web meets the Internet of Things? How can a web app access an IoT device? Using today's web standards, Kevin Hoyt takes on these questions and more, with demos!

The State of Mobile HTML5

HTML5 is constantly evolving, and features are constantly created and implemented, but are these new features ready for mobile? Tomomi Imura, a self-proclaimed "mobile geek," gives her two cents.

Algorithms for Animation

Animations do more than just make your website look cool, they are a third dimension with which we communicate. Courtney Hemphill looks at animation, motion, good design, and the math behind it all.

JavaScript: Choose Your Own Adventure!

Kyle Simpson suggests that, maybe, we need less standards and better tools. What if you could make tools that customize JavaScript, to your own liking, while still playing nicely with others?

Using Node.js for Everything

In his Forward JS presentation Charlie Key, CEO at Modulus, covers the most important aspects of using Node.js and JavaScript for basically everything in a fast-moving company.

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