The Next Challenge of the Web is Us

Christian Heilmann addresses the next generation of questions we face for the web. How can we make the web we rely on better, faster, more accessible to millions of new developers and publishers? - What, How, Why?

This presentation explains why search engines now want metadata, how it works, and what you need to know as a dev (as seen in the context of Yandex, Russia's most used search engine, and

The Web Is My Desktop

Meadhbh Hamrick has been working on an app that emulates an 80s era Macintosh desktop. With a combination of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, her creation puts resizable moveable windows inside the browser.

The Present & Future of Web Development

Over the years the browser has evolved, but as the potential grows so too does complexity. Benoit Marchant talks about the current state of development and considers where we are going in the future.

Teach Your Browser New Tricks

Dirk Ginader, UX Prototyper at Google, shows you how he built a browser extension/add-on, using basic web technologies, made to run in every browser.

An Introduction to AngularJS

A starter pack to Angular's core concepts, how to use the built-in directives and filters, as well as methodologies behind the design and architecture of a single-page application.

A Pragmatic Guide to Web Components

Get a crash course on what Web Components are, how the current batch of JavaScript frameworks address the technology, and some good anti-patterns to avoid when building your own Web Components.

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