The Present & Future of Web Development

Over the years the browser has evolved, but as the potential grows so too does complexity. Benoit Marchant talks about the current state of development and considers where we are going in the future.

Teach Your Browser New Tricks

Dirk Ginader, UX Prototyper at Google, shows you how he built a browser extension/add-on, using basic web technologies, made to run in every browser.

An Introduction to AngularJS

A starter pack to Angular's core concepts, how to use the built-in directives and filters, as well as methodologies behind the design and architecture of a single-page application.

A Pragmatic Guide to Web Components

Get a crash course on what Web Components are, how the current batch of JavaScript frameworks address the technology, and some good anti-patterns to avoid when building your own Web Components.

3 Signs You're Not Encouraging Your Fellow Software Developers

Whether you're the most experienced senior developer on your team or brand new to programming, the dynamic of your team is crucial to the success of your department. Even more than that, your team dynamic is crucial to your own happiness at work. You spend more than 2000 hours with your coworkers each year and encouraging them is the best way to foster a good relationship and keep them (and yourself) productive, efficient and happy. Sound logical? It is.

Python Packaging: A Zeitgeist

What's new in the Python packaging community? Noah Kantrowitz outlines what's happened, what's going to happen, and how to incorporate the latest techniques into your Python environment.

Application Deployment: State of the Onion

Noah Kantrowitz overviews the various tools available for application deployment today, discusses their tradeoffs, and helps shine a light on which might be the appropriate platform for your project.

5 Ways to Become a Better Programmer

For many working in software development, no matter what platform or language they're programming within, they rely heavily on their employer for their professional development. While there's nothing wrong with taking a reactive approach to your own professional development, relying on an Enterprise organization to create programs and offer training courses that are designed to improve your skills doesn't have to be the only way to improve your coding skills

JavaScript Scope Chains and Closures

In this talk, Adam Breindel's goal is for you to understand scopes, scope chains, and closures. He also wants you to be able to easily and quickly explain them to other developers.

How to Build a Virtual Machine

Terence Parr gives an idea of the core mechanisms behind virtual machines by building one, in front of your eyes, from scratch. It is the same kind of commercial interpreter he made for Renault cars.

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