Ember-Validations & Ember-EasyForm

Brian Cardarella, the creator of Ember-Validations and Ember-EasyForm, gives a rundown of these two complimentary Ember.js libraries, that can also run independently.

Polymer: Building Blocks for the Web

Polymer is a library that puts elements back at the center of web development. Eric Bidelman & Matthew McNulty speak about all the interesting problems Polymer can solve for modern applications.

Effective Android Messaging

Messaging is a powerful addition to your Android app, but implementation can be tricky. Juan Gomez gives an overview on how to use the messaging protocols currently available on the Android platform.

H2O: An Open Source Prediction Engine

This is an introduction to H2O from Oxdata, an open source, big data in-memory prediction engine. Michal Malohlava and Cliff Click discuss the value of predictions, how they're done, and Scala's role.

Scala Macros

Macros are handy tools, but can also cause a lot of headaches. Adriaan Moors discusses common pitfalls, and how you can make them IDE friendly, in hopes of making macros a little less scary.

A Brave New Web

The De Mey brothers take a look at the future of the web, explain the basics of web components, and how you can leverage new tools to create a better web for both developers and users.

Optimize Your Front-End Workflow

Over the last few years, many new tools have been created to assist front-end developers. Christian Vuerings discusses these tools, along with some tips, for making you and your team most productive.

Unicode Loves JavaScript

Mathias Bynens explains the basics of Unicode, the various ways JavaScript relies on Unicode, and why this matters to JavaScript developers.

API Design at Eventbrite

The story of taking two APIs, each with their respective issues, and updating them to create a single API for the modern era.

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