A Brave New Web

The De Mey brothers take a look at the future of the web, explain the basics of web components, and how you can leverage new tools to create a better web for both developers and users.

Optimize Your Front-End Workflow

Over the last few years, many new tools have been created to assist front-end developers. Christian Vuerings discusses these tools, along with some tips, for making you and your team most productive.

Unicode Loves JavaScript

Mathias Bynens explains the basics of Unicode, the various ways JavaScript relies on Unicode, and why this matters to JavaScript developers.

API Design at Eventbrite

The story of taking two APIs, each with their respective issues, and updating them to create a single API for the modern era.

Using Feature Flags

Releasing a new feature means takings into consideration how it will interact will all of your previous features. Feature flags are a tool to help confront this issue.

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