Macros vs Types

Are you ready for an epic battle? Types and Macros enter the ring, who will come out victorious?

Program the NAO Robot Using Java

NAO is a humanoid robot that can move around, recognize your face, and even play soccer. Laurent Lec visits SF Java to describe the magic behind this innovation from Aldebaran Robotics.

Learning Scalaz

So you've heard about Scalaz and now you want to learn it. Eugene Yokota explains some best practices for diving in and emphasizes the importance of getting your hands dirty.

May Your Data Ever Be Coherent

Daniel Spiewak discusses the problems and design considerations which arise when dealing with multiple data that must work together in the same function- which is to say almost every function ever.

Responsive Design + FROONT

FROONT is tool to design web pages directly in the browser. It's founder, Sandijs Ruluks, talks about what drove him to create the product and why he believes it will help workflow for web designers.

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