Learn All About the Netflix OSS Cloud

Ever wondered how Netflix does it? Join Carl Quinn, former manager of their Engineering Cloud Tools Team, for an overview of the cloud architecture that helps the behemoth site run.

Android Up and Running

Android Up and Running tutorial is a fast-paced hands-on introduction to Android app development for those already proficient in Java. By the end of this tutorial, you should understand how to go about building a very simple Android app.

Introduction to IPv6

The amount of users on the internet only continues to grow and as a result we're running out of IPv4. Find out what the future looks like with IPv6.

Developing for Google Glass in Rails

These developers believe that Google Glass is going to change the world. This talk is an excellent resource for developers who are curious about making their first application for Glass.

HTML5 Feature Detection & Fallback

You're making a site that needs to accommodate a diverse range of devices, browsers, and users. How do you detect problems and what do you fall back on if problems arise?

The Economies of Scaling Software

Learn how to build enterprise Java applications that scale from day one by employing parallelism, load distribution, state management, caching, big data, asynchronous processing, and more.

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