Git From the Bits Up

Do you want to be the 'Git Weirdo' on your team? Join GitHub's Time Berglund to explore some advanced topics that will expose you to a sort of internal Git API that is there at your disposal, should you ever need it.

Content Security Policy

The security of your web application can use all the help it can get! Make sure you know what Content Security Policy is and what it can do to help you stay safe.

Mocha Raspberry Pi Hacking

Oracle's Stephen Chin breaks out the gadgets in a hands-on session exploring the Raspberry Pi, an ARM GNU/Linux box that's cheap and powerful enough to run a full version of Java SE, including JavaFX.

HTML5 Video in the Open Web Platform

Ever wondered how to leverage the dedicated <video> element in HTML5? Join W3C's Philippe Le HÌ©garet as he covers the basics, accessibility, real-time, captioning, protected content, and more.

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