Designing for the Apple Watch

You may be familiar with responsive web design for desktop, tablets, and phones - but what about Apple Watch? Which design principles can we carry over, and which principles do we need to rethink?

8 Ways you're Demotivating your Development Team

Many programmers have been doing what they do since they were in grade school. They're passionate about it and like creating things. It's not hard to motivate a really good developer, since he or she often spends plenty of time self-educating. It's also not hard to demotivate a really great developer. If you're starting to see a lack of productivity in your programmers or appear to be have an increasing employee turnover rate, it's very possible that you might be demotivating your development team.

Android M: Tweaking System UI Tuner

Android 'M' includes a System UI Tuner developer option to control aspects of the status bar. We can also programmatically control this element from the shell or another application.

Java and Performance: Biggest Mistakes

After a quick intro to the problem of bad quality code itself, we walk through 6 specific examples of broken applications from a performance, scalability and architectural perspective. Each example highlights the impact of quality, the root cause and the technical metric to look at before checking in code to avoid these problems.

Partner Customizations on Google Devices

Google introduced some new customization hooks for device OEMs and partners starting with the Lollipop release of Android. Is this something you can take advantage of in your device builds?

Diving Into Android 'M' Doze

Users are pretty excited about Android's new "doze" feature. Developers may have more mixed feelings on the subject. Either way, it's good for us to take a deeper look at how this feature works.

Android 'M' Permissions and Legacy Applications

Android has finally introduced a runtime-granted permissions model. It will be some time before most applications are updated to take advantage of the new system, so how will this new system affect your application on user's devices before you've had a chance to update it?

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