The Ember.js Run Loop

This is talk is all about demystifying the Ember.js run loop. We talk about what it is, how it processes tasks into different queues, and some of the design decisions that guided its creation.

The Interpreter Pattern Revisited

R̼nar Bjarnason calls the Interpreter Pattern "a classic object-oriented design pattern that has been overlooked by far too many for far too long. At NE Scala, he gives "this unsung hero the accolades it deserves."

Selfish UIs: Fast UIs for Terminal Users

Josh Suereth's talk for NE Scala is about “Selfish UIs,” a concept that begins with making software for yourself, in order to improve your ability to make software for other people.

The Benefits of IT Training

If you're in the midst of forming your 2015 IT Training budget, you're likely wondering if your 2014 approach was as effective as you hoped it would be. If you haven't already adopted a comprehensive, department-wide training strategy, it might be time to look into how effective that could be for your organization and the productivity of the IT department.

Giving the Power of the Graph to the User

Joey Hobbs is the Lead UI Developer at Quid. In this talk, he discusses the technological advancements his company has made within graph theory. It includes an overview of graphs and ends with a demo.

AOSP Sources in the IDE

We get asked a lot about the proper way to integrate the AOSP sources into an integrated development environment (IDE). This tutorial shows you how to use the integrated IDEGen scripts to do the job.

Macros in Data Pipelines

In this talk for NE Scala, Neville presents how Scala Macros can be used to improve data pipeline code levering Parquet, Avro, Scalding and Spark.

Dependent Types: Through The Looking Glass

Owein Reese wants you to be more comfortable with dependent types / path-dependent types, to understand them in more detail, and to spark ideas that generally help us gain insights into our every day code.

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