AOSP Sources in the IDE

We get asked a lot about the proper way to integrate the AOSP sources into an integrated development environment (IDE). This tutorial shows you how to use the integrated IDEGen scripts to do the job.

Macros in Data Pipelines

In this talk for NE Scala, Neville presents how Scala Macros can be used to improve data pipeline code levering Parquet, Avro, Scalding and Spark.

Dependent Types: Through The Looking Glass

Owein Reese wants you to be more comfortable with dependent types / path-dependent types, to understand them in more detail, and to spark ideas that generally help us gain insights into our every day code.

Living Design Systems

With product design, there comes a whole new range of challenges that differ from those of web and graphic design. Jina Bolton demonstrates how her team addresses contemporary design challenges.

Argument for Mainframe: Industries with Programming Opportunities

While we continue to argue back and forth on whether or not Mainframe is dead, there's no denying that there are some fantastic career opportunities when it comes to COBOL and Mainframe development. Don't believe me? Do a search on and see how many listings pop up. The talent shortage coming from the wake of aging developers exiting the workforce is a growing problem for Enterprise organizations. If you're considering a career in development or want to move into a different area in your organization, there are a few industries that place a high value on mainframe programming.

Demystifying Type Inference

Understanding type inference can be tricky... even for experts in Scala. Jon Pretty does his best to clear up some of the confusion and questions.

Love + Node - Forward 2 Keynote

Where are the intersections of emotion and technology, specifically in the ways that humans engage with hardware, and in the context of this era that we've agreed to called the Internet of Things?

Must-Have Qualities in IT Training Instructors

Learning a new programming skill can sometimes feel a lot like running a mental marathon. Experienced instructors who are enthusiastic and engaging make this process a bit less painful. When looking for instructors for your training program, keep in mind that knowledge of the topic or skill is not the only thing that a trainer needs.

Scala Needs YOU!

Dick Wall is on a mission to make positive changes to the Scala language. This talk outlines his ideas on how to make contributing easier, more fun, and a generally better experience

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