Android UI Design Patterns & Anti-Patterns

There's often a communication gap between Android developers and designers. This talk introduces basic UI concepts and reveals the simple patterns that exist within well designed user experiences.

What 2015 Technology Predictions Mean for Developers

What 2015 Technology Predictions Mean for Developers

In order to be a successful application developer and programmer you have to stay up to date on the cutting edge of technology and, in some cases, ahead of innovative technologies. As 2015 comes to a close we're seeing more and more predictions come out as to what to expect as far as innovation goes. It's important that programmers make sure that they are developing applications that will accommodate for these changing technologies. In order to do that, they must increase their knowledge base to allow them to continue developing in each space.

Zero-Downtime JavaScript App Deployment

Deploying your Ember application can be tricky, and slow if it is tied into your backend, Feifan Wang talks tools and strategies for lean JavaScript app deployment in the context of Rails and Ember.

Developers Giving Back

Diane Tate, Program Manager at Mozilla talks about how developers can use their skills to give back to the web in this talk from Forward JS.


Pete Hodgson talks about how can expand our programming minds by using JavaScript in unusual and experimental ways in his presentation from Forward JS.

Embracing Failure on the Front-End

Inevitably, at some point, your JavaScript code will fail. Inspired by how operations teams deal with failure in complex ways, Clay Smith covers tools and techniques to make apps more resilient.

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