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While you may find these comprehensive tutorials helpful for diving into a new language, please note that they are no longer being updated, and may not reference the newest version of the language.

Java Fundamentals Tutorial

Authored by Aleksandar Gargenta & Ken Jones 

The Java Fundamentals courseware serves as an introduction to the Java language and object oriented programming (OOP) in Java. The course provides students with the skills for analyzing, designing, developing, and troubleshooting Java applications.

Participants learn the syntax and the constructs of the Java programming language, the concepts behind object-oriented programming (OOP) with Java, packaging, exception handling, and Java libraries (I/O, utilities, etc.).


JBoss Administration Tutorial

Authored by Aleksandar Gargenta & Laurent Tonon

ProTech JBoss™ Administration is a must have for anyone responsible for running JBoss Application Servers. By the end of this example-packed, best practices-focused, lab-driven training manual you will understand the relationship between Java EE spec, JBoss platform, and applications running on the application server. You will be able to install, configure, deploy, secure, monitor, tune, and cluster your JBoss instances in order to support your users and developers.

This course is based on JBoss Application Server version 5.1, though it also covers differences from the previous version of the server (specifically v4.x and v5.0).

Python Fundamentals Tutorial

Authored by Rob Zuber

The example-driven ProTech Python courseware will walk you through the language itself, explain object-oriented as well as functional programming techniques, error handling, packaging, system and network programming, many of the Python extensions (libraries), aswell as best practices.


Ruby Tutorial

Authored by Alex Chafee & Sarah Allen

In this tutorial, you will learn about one of the most popular languages used by many startups: Ruby. According to it's creator, Yukihiro Matsumoto, "Ruby is designed to make programmers happy." Learn how Ruby was designed to make developers more productive and understand the fundamentals so that you can concentrate on problem solving instead of fighting with the language. 

Selenium Tutorial

Authored by Joel Marty

ProTech Selenium Courseware will walk you through the fundamental building blocks of the selenium project as well as advanced concepts and techniques. You will first learn the fundamenal concepts of Selenium, the toolchain, its capabilities and limitations and then you'll learn on the best practices, tools and techniques defined by the community allowing you to build and exploit a robust Selenium infrastructure.


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