Brio SQR

This course is designed to teach students concepts of the SQR programming language, including variables, paragraphs and sections. The student will learn to select data from the database, add procedural logic and generate reports. Emphasis will also be placed on report layouts, including headers and footers, group breaks and detail sections. Screen and command-line input/output will be discussed. Instruction in the use a graphical user interface to build queries and format reports is also included.
Students must have a knowledge of relational database concepts, familiarity with basic SQL Selects, joins and where clause, knowledge of at least one other programming language, as well as be familiar with Windows standard conventions. Experience with HTML also helpful, but not required.
5 Days/Lecture & Lab
  • Run a Program
  • SQR Sections
  • Database Paragraph
  • Variables
  • Printing
  • Layouts
  • Printers, Fonts and Colours
  • Control Structures
  • User Prompts
  • Data Manipulation
  • Advanced Queries
  • Break Processing
  • Table of Contents
  • Multiple Reports
  • In Memory Data Types
  • Graphics
  • Flat Files
  • HTML
  • Complier Directives
  • Initialization File
  • Database Specific Commands
  • Performance Tuning

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