BRMS for IBM i, including Cloud Storage Solutions for i - AS28G

Training Summary
This course covers the features and functions supported by Backup Recovery and Media Services (BRMS). BRMS is an integrated and comprehensive tool for managing backup, recovery, archive, and retrieval operations for a single Power system with IBM i or multiple systems with IBM i at a site or across a BRMS Network. The lectures describe how to perform the supported functions when using a 5250 emulation session, when using System i Navigator, and when using IBM Navigator for i. Students will then have the opportunity to practice in lab exercises what they have learned in lecture.
You should have a working understanding of the capabilities and operations in the area of save and restore for IBM i.
5 Days
This is an intermediate course for Power System with IBM i administrators, IBM Business Partners, and anyone else who would like practical knowledge of the features and functions supported by BRMS.
Course Topics
Describe the major features and functions of BRMSList the steps to install BRMS on a single system or in a BRMS Network environmentImplement a previously defined backup and recovery strategy using BRMSImplement a previously defined archival and retrieval plan, including dynamic retrieval, using BRMSExplain how to utilize a tape drive, tape library system, virtual tape, and optical drive with BRMSImplement and use BRMS using the green screen, System i Navigator, and IBM Navigator for i, Systems w/TPS, Cognitive Systems, AIX / IBM i Market, AIX / IBM i, Software - IBM i System (not HPC, nor VA Linux)

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