Build Advanced Essbase Reports with the Spreadsheet Add-In

This course takes up where the Essbase Spreadsheet Add-in Basic Reporting Techniques leaves off. It adds to the core functionality of that course by teaching the students to use Member Selection, Dynamic Time Series members, Attribute dimensions, and Cascading of reports to build more sophisticated reports and use more of the functionality that the Essbase Spreadsheet Add-in has to offer.
Student should have experience with Essbase Spreadsheet Add-in Basic Reporting Techniques or equivalent knowledge. Proficiency with Microsoft Excel would be helpful as well.
3 Hours/Lecture
This course is designed for end-users, analysts, and designers of Essbase reports.
  • Report development process
  • Page, row, and column concepts
  • Advanced options
  • Label Only and Shared members
  • Report titles
  • Report formulas
  • Multiple reports on one sheet
  • Four methods of report creation using Member Selection
  • Replicate a report multiple times using Cascade
  • Dynamic Times Series members
  • Attribute dimensions

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