Build Essbase Reports with the Spreadsheet Add-In

This course teaches students how to create spreadsheet reports and perform analyses using the core Essbase commands. It teaches how to use the core functionality of the Essbase Spreadsheet Add-in, as well as important multidimensional concepts and ad-hoc reporting techniques.
Students should be proficient with Microsoft Excel.
3 Hours/Lecture
This course is designed for end-users, analysts, and designers of Essbase reports.
  • OLAP & multidimensionality concepts
  • Overview of the Sample database and outline concepts
  • Connect to an Essbase database
  • Types of reports and methods of creating them
  • Retrieve and manipulate data
  • Use dimension name aliases in reports
  • Zoom and pivot commands
  • Essbase options
  • Keep and Remove Only commands
  • Flashback

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