Building a Respectful Workplace

This interactive workshop will help students understand what constitutes workplace discrimination and harassment, and the steps required to ensure a healthy environment.The various forms harassment can take, such as but not limited to sexual harassment, racism, verbal abuse and discrimination will be discussed. Employees and managers will gain information about their responsibilities, while developing the skills and awareness needed to ensure a harassment-free environment. The emotional impact of harassment and discrimination on victims will be discussed and relevant case examples provided
There are no prerequisites for this class.
1 Day/Lecture
Define situations of potential or actual workplace harassment or abuse::Identify what stereotyping is and what constitutes prejudicial and/or discriminatory behaviour at work::Become aware of the legal implications of harassment and abuse for employers and employees::Develop constructive responses to harassment and abuse::Determine what steps to take in ensuring a respectful workplace::Learn how to begin resolving ongoing problems or concerns::Information and skill building on valuing differences::Impact of stereotypes, prejudice and discrimination in the workplace::Legal responsibilities and Human Rights laws::Tools and guidelines for responding to diversity related conflict::Defining, identifying and responding to harassment::Responding to inappropriate humour or comments::Supporting co-workers who have experienced harassment::Creating a zero tolerance environment::Developing a personal action plan

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