Building Cisco Remote Access Networks (BCRAN)

BCRAN is an advanced course that introduces techniques and features enabling or enhancing WAN and remote access solutions. The course focuses on using one or more of the available WAN dialup or permanent connection technologies for remote access between enterprise sites.BCRAN is part of the recommended learning path for students seeking the CCNP.
Students should possess certain prerequisite knowledge and skills. These typically come from CCNA self-paced or instructor-led education, exposure to production networks, and networking job experience.
5 Day/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for channel partners/ Resellers, customers and employees.
  • Aux port modem connections for out-of-band management
  • PPP LCP features
  • Cable-modems and DSL with NAT
  • Network security using VPNs with IPSec encryption and IKE keys
  • ISDN (BRI and PRI)
  • DDR
  • Frame Relay including sub-interface and traffic shaping
  • Dial backup
  • QOS using queuing and compression
  • AAA

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