Building Distributed Systems using Visibroker for Java

This course is an introduction to Inprise's Visibroker for Java. The course introduces designers, developers and system integrators to distributed objects and their role in the rapidly emerging Object/Web-based Internet and Intranet environment. Hands-on labs enable the student to learn how to write clients, object implementations and IDL.
The student must have an understanding of the basics of Java programming. No experience or knowledge of CORBA or Visibroker for Java is required.
5 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for software developers and technical team leaders interested in learning how to bring the power of distributed objects to Internet applications.
  • Distributed computing with objects (OMG, OMA and CORBA)
  • CORBA concepts
  • CORBA and the web
  • Visibroker concepts
  • Getting started with IDL and Java
  • Writing simple clients / servers
  • Working with interfaces, basic types, and strings
  • Exceptions
  • Arrays and sequences
  • Structures and unions
  • The any type
  • Browser-based clients
  • IDL design basics
  • Server implementation issues
  • Inheritance
  • Dynamic invocations
  • Advanced client programming (smart stubs, name service, callbacks, interface repository)
  • Advanced server programming (multiple threads, object activators)
  • Advanced Visibroker features (caffeine, interceptors, event handlers)
  • Visibroker application deployment
  • CORBA services / positioning
  • CORBA products comparison

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