Building Integrated SOA Applications using WID

This course will provide each participant with an in-depth and comprehensive understanding of the Service Component Architecture (SCA) and event-driven environment. This course will focus on the concept of SCA specifications, SOA components, development of Web services, use of SDO with Service Component Architecture (SCA), depict design methods using BPEL, using MQ-enabled services, utilization of JMS, depict the role of the Enterprise Service Bus using the WebSphere Message Broker, security integration, building publisher and subscriber applications, durable and non-durable event processing, using adapter components, CEI implementation, development of SOA components using WebSphere Integration Developer and deployment of client proxies. All aspects of this class will incorporate the specific architecture of WebSphere Process Server and WID to illustrate the implementation of these techniques.
Students should have an understanding of application development and basic web-based development methodologies.
5 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for legacy developers, project leaders, IT architects and other technical individuals that need to understand how to develop and implement applications and event-driven architectures using WebSphere Process Server.
  • Introduction to SOA
  • Business Integration
  • Introduction to WebSphere Integration Developer
  • Web Services Development
  • Modeling Integration Patterns
  • Business Process Modeling
  • Defining BPEL
  • Modeling with BPEL
  • WebSphere Modeler
  • WebSphere Business Process Server
  • Enterprise Service Bus
  • Service Component Architecture
  • Service Data Objects
  • Process Monitoring
  • Message Broker
  • Role of Adapters
  • Common Event Infrastructure

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