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The microservice architectural style is defined as an approach to developing a single application as a suite of small services. This course teaches you why and how to convert your development skills from the monolithic development approach to the microservice way with Spring.

Netflix represents approximately 35% of internet traffic on North American fixed networks. They are the leading example of microservices and fortunately as early adopters, they generously share their expertise in the spirit of open source. This course combined some of the Netflix open source components with Spring’s open source framework to teach you how to develop resilient microservices using Java.

Before taking this course, students should be familiar with Java and Spring Development.

3 Days/Lecture & Lab

This course is designed for Java developers who need to code microservices.

Maven dependencies and Project layout

  • Java 8 , RxJava and Observables
  • Using Lombok and the Builder Pattern
  • Building a simple REST Micro Service using Hibernate
  • Standalone properties
  • Unit Testing a simple REST Micro Service
  • Using Postman
  • Building in Resilience using Hystrix
  • Using JMeter for testing
  • Config Server and Properties
  • Using Hibernate within a Micro Service
  • Lombok and application security
  • Oauth Server and JWT's
  • Building an orchestration microservice consuming multiple microservices using Feign

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