Building Microsoft Content Management Server 2002 Solutions

This instructor-led course provides students with the knowledge and skills to plan, implement, develop, and manage a Microsoft Content Management Server 2002 Web site.
Students should have experience developing Microsoft ASP or ASP.NET Web sites, experience working with enterprise-level Web solutions, experience with programming languages such as Microsoft Visual C# or Microsoft Visual Basic .NET recommended and experience using Microsoft Visual Studio .NET developer environment recommended.
4 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is primarily intended for Web site developers who focus on creating applications and the framework used to manage content-based Web sites.
  • Introduction to Content-Driven Web Sites
  • Roles and Processes for Content-Driven Sites
  • Introduction to Content Management Server 2002
  • Introducing the WoodgroveNet Sample Site
  • Using Content Management Server 2002 Tools
  • Creating a New Content Management server Web Site
  • Building Navigation Server Controls
  • Modifying the Web Author
  • Extending Content Management Server Workflow
  • Building Custom Placeholder Controls
  • Au7thentication, Authorization and Security
  • Working with Authoring Connector
  • Introduction to Content Connector
  • Content Syndication Using Web Services
  • Migration and Coexistence
  • Content Management Server Site Deployment
  • Monitoring Content Management Server 2002 Performance
  • Building Multilingual Web Sites

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