Building .NET Components: Class Libraries, Web Services and WCF Services

Training Summary
The course is designed for those who need to develop components, including Class Library DLLs, Web Services, and/or WCF Services. It covers the design of classes, including properties, methods and events, all Object Oriented features of .NET, including Inheritance and compares performance, security and other aspects of implementing Class Libraries, Web Services and WCF Services. All examples and exercises are in both Visual Basic and C#.
Students must have taken the .NET Programming with VB and C# course, and, ideally, ASP.NET Workshop and Database Programming with ADO.NET.
3-5 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for .NET application developers.
Course Topics
Overview::Class Design::Class Coding::Inheritance::Class Library Considerations::Web Service considerations::WCF Services

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