Building Next Generation Websites with HTML5

HTML is the future of the web. Using HTML5 today, however, is challenging. Not all web browsers support HTML5 equally and many parts of HTML5 and its related specifications are not final standards yet.This course takes a practical look at HTML5 and shows web developers how to start safely using the features of HTML5 today in desktop and mobile web applications.The course specifically address the new elements added to HTML5, the changes the DOM APIs and how to perform HTML5 feature detection. This course also address issues such as mobile web site development and progressive enhancement.
Students are required to have a working knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in order to benefit from this class.
4 Days/Lecture & Lab
  • Perform HTML5 Feature Detection
  • Improving Semantic Structure of Pages and Forms
  • Styling Improvements with CSS3
  • Build Advanced User Interfaces
  • Geolocation
  • Web Storage
  • Offline Applications
  • Advanced Multimedia
  • Graphics and Drawing

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