Building Scalable Cisco Internetworks

This course provides a working knowledge of Cisco traffic and route management in a large network environment. Students will learn about the OSPF and EIGRP routing protocols. They will also use access lists to manage routing tables, enhance network security, and limit excess traffic.
Students taking this course must have a strong TCP/IP background. Students should have taken a course in Interconnecting Cisco Network Devices or have similar experience.
5 Days/Lecture & Lab
Network professionals who wish to further their Cisco router education should attend this course. Network administrators and troubleshooters in any network environment will benefit from this course.
  • Scaleable Internetworks
  • Extending IP Addresses Using VLSMs
  • Routing Protocol Overview
  • Scaleable Routing Protocols
  • Configuring OSPF in a Single Area
  • Interconnecting Multiple OSPF Areas
  • Configuring Enhanced IGRP
  • Optimizing Routing Update Operation

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