Building XML-Based Web Applications

This course provides students with the skills to build a Web application of moderate complexity. Such an application connects to and retrieves data from a data source, processes Extensible Markup Language (XML) data before sending it to the client, and saves updates from the client back to the database.
Before attending this course, students must have experience with a programming or scripting language such as Visual Basic, Visual Basic Scripting Edition, Microsoft JScript or Microsoft C# as well as experience building ASP Web applications. Familiarity with XML and related technologies is helpful but not required.
5 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is intended for a wide audience of experienced developers who need to learn XML to create Web applications of moderate complexity.
  • List the uses and benefits of XML in a Web site
  • Create well-formed and valid XML documents.
  • Create a schema.
  • Use XSL to display XML data in a Web browser.
  • Use XSL to transform XML data into a different XML format.
  • Display dynamic XML data in a Web browser by using data binding and the Document Object Model.
  • Use ASP and ADO to read data from a data source and store it as XML
  • Add, delete, update data from the client using XML and save to a database on the server
  • Post XML data to a Web Service using SOAP and retrieve a response.
  • Overview of XML Documents
  • Overview of XML Technologies
  • Generating XML Data from a Database
  • Displaying an XML Document Using XSLT
  • Embedding XML Data in HTML
  • Manipulating XML Data on the Client Using the DOM
  • Posting XML Data from Client to Server
  • Validating XML Using Schemas
  • Introduction to SOAP and XML Web Services

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