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This course describes the Business System Life Cycle and presents practical ways to gather system requirements and analyze business needs. The student will learn the importance of interviewing end users of the system to drive out system requirements. Students will gain insight into the critical importance of requirements gathering as the foundation of good business systems analysis and design.While all stages of the Business System Life Cycle are discussed, the emphasis of this course is on the planning, analysis, and design stages. Special attention is given to gathering system requirements, data modeling, and documenting requirements, including diagramming techniques, such as Entity Relationship Diagrams, Data Flow Diagrams, Matrix Diagrams and Use-Case.This course introduces different options for analyzing and designing software systems, including Entity Relationship Modeling and Process Modeling. No one single methodology is stressed in this course, however. The focus is on gathering requirements and documenting them. The methodologies are introduced so that analysts know there are different tools available to help them analyze and design their systems.Special attention is given to the discussion of communication; with insights into different personality types in order to better prepare the student for interviews with the customer.

There are no required prerequisites for this class. However, some familiarity with business systems would be helpful.

3 Day/Lecture & Lab

This course is designed for analysts, developers, managers, clients, and any other individual who will be involved in business analysis and systems design.

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