Business Analysis Requirements Discovery and Facilitation

This course curriculum focuses on the role of the BA within the technical process of software development. Through numerous examples it enables BAs to work more effectively with the IT team by teaching how to express business requirements in forms that IT can directly use. In the course exercises the BAs learn to identify the business entities in the business domain, how to express these concepts in both visual and textual means, and how to specify the semantic relationships among those entities.
Students should have experience in requirements gathering, or systems analysis.
3 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for business or system analysts, technical managers, and software developers who wish to learn techniques for successful business analysis in software development.
  • The Role of the BA
  • The Landscape of Requirements
  • Business Requirements
  • User Requirements
  • Functional & Non-functional Requirements
  • Business Domain Modeling
  • Identifying Risk
  • Managing Requirements

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