Business Objects WebIntelligence Report Design 1 and 2

This course will utilize a combination of instructor-led discussions and interactive workshops to illustrate the features and functions of SAP's Web Intelligence v4 reporting tool. This seminar will focus on: SAP BO Webi architecture and concepts, menu and ribbon structure, basic Universe concepts, simple and complex conditionals, adhoc versus scheduled reports, graphs and charts, , sorting, report breaks, combined queries, format controls, alerts, using data sources, rankings, drill operations, creating aggregate values, functions and formulas.
There are no prerequisites for this course.
4 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is ideal for all individuals that will be using SAP BusinessObjects Webi Reporting tool for building adhoc and scheduled business intelligence reports.
  • Illustrate architecture and components of SAP BO Webi v4
  • Depict role of Universes and access to data structures
  • Understand role of BO Repository for report designers and clients
  • Describe use of Dimension, Measure and Detail Universe objects
  • Understand use of simple and complex conditionals
  • Demonstrate display of data using charts and graphs
  • Depict design of Pivot or cross tab tables
  • Illustrate definition of aggregate operations (sum, avg, etc)
  • Perform basic report design via sections and report breaks
  • Demonstrate accessing data sources via multiple queries
  • Understand use of combined queries
  • Illustrate data hierarchies and use of report drill operations
  • Use of report filters to create multiple reports from single query
  • Illustrate reporting view from clients perspective and use of filters, input controls and drill operations
  • Depict use of report templates for jump starting report creation
  • Understand creation and use of report variables
  • Demonstrate creation and use of BO formulas and functions

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