BusinessObjects Enterprise XI R1/R2: Administering Users and Content with the CMC (Rev A)

This course explains how to perform the tasks in the central management console (CMC). These tasks involve supporting BusinessObjects Enterprise users and groups so they can access corporate data through the web portal in BusinessObjects Enterprise. This corporate data can take the form of Crystal Reports, BusinessObjects Web Intelligence, or Desktop Intelligence documents, OLAP Intelligence reports, program objects, object packages, and popular third-party objects such as Microsoft Word and Excel files among others. Please note: this course does not discuss maintaining BusinessObjects Enterprise servers, which is taught in the BusinessObjects Enterprise XI R1/R2: Administering Servers Windows course.
There are no perquisites for this class.
2 Days/Lecture & Lab
System architects/administrators who are new to BusinessObjects Enterprise and will be responsible for maintaining BusinessObjects Enterprise users, groups, and objects in their organizations.

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