C# Programming in .NET with ADO

Introduction to C# Programming covers all elements of the language constructs, building of objects. Inheritance and polymorphism will be covered at an overview level. Object Oriented Programming Concepts are presented throughout the class. A major focus will cover the use of ADO controls and ClassesThis course provides the necessary foundation to begin the process of building .NET applications using C#. The course is intended for people who have a programming background and relates programming concepts to other languages such as COBOL , C++ , Visual Basic and Java depending on the background of the students
Students should have programming background in any language.
5 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for those who need to program in C# language in MicroSoft .NET environment and will focus on ADO.NET.
  • NET Introduction
  • C# Overview
  • Windows Forms
  • C# Class Building
  • Inheritance
  • ADO
  • Using the Data Controls
  • Connections
  • DataReader
  • DataSets
  • Updating/Insterting Data
  • Transaction Processing
  • XML

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