CA 1 Tape Management r12.6: Extended Users 200

Training Summary
This course focuses on advanced functions that can help you more fully leverage CA-1Tape Management to manage your tape resources successfully. Utilities to build and maintain the Tape Management Catalog (TMC) are presented including the TMC extend function, which lets you add volume ranges without stopping critical tape processing operations. Additionally, TMC chaining is presented and a description to detect and correct chaining problems is also provided
  • CA 1 Tape Management r12.6: Operational Workshop 200 06TMG20043
2 Days/Lecture & Lab
  • Operators
  • Tape Librarians
  • Production Control Personnel
  • Data Center Managers
Course Topics
  • CA 1 Structure
  • CA 1 Chaining
  • Chaining Workshop
  • Utilities
  • System Options

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