CA 1 Tape Management: System Options 1 200

A typical z/OS organization processes thousands of tape files daily. These files represent priceless corporate data that needs to be completely protected throughout its lifecycle. CA 1 automates day-to-day tape management while providing comprehensive protection against destruction of tape files. Apart from tape data protection it also enables library management and automation of typical z/OS organizations. This is course 1 of 2 covering CA 1 system options. In this course, you will learn where the CA 1 options come from and how to specify which member should be read to obtain them. You will also learn how to determine what your current active options are set too versus what is currently in the options PDS member. Finally, you will review all the basic and the EDM (External Data Manager) options set within CA 1 and what each option is for.
There are no prerequisites for this course.
One and a Half Hour/WBT
  • Understand and describe how the TMOSYSxxmember controls the rest of the options members
  • Understand how to review current option settings for CA 1
  • Understand and describe the many options available to CA 1 through the TMOOPTxxmember
  • Describe the various uses of the TMOEDMxxmember and how it is used

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