CA-ACF2 Basics

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This course will introduce you to the basic features of CA-ACF2 product. The course is intended to expose the student to the administration ability of the product. When taught onsite the student will be asked to execute various commands, which will be reviewed as part of the class. This course will demonstrate rule writing for data sets and logical resources. Additionally the instructor will explain the purpose and importance of the user identification string (UID) string. The instructor will also explain how to use the CA-ACF2 reports. This review will include the relationships of the reports and utilities.

Students attending this course should have experience with basic data processing concepts and terminology and TSO/ISPF.

5 Days/Lecture & Lab

This course is designed for security administrators, systems programmers and any administrative and technical personnel who install, maintain, or administer CA-ACF2.

  • Explain the Big Picture of CA-ACF2
  • Create and Maintain Users
  • Create and Maintain Resource Access
  • The Purpose of the Infostorage Records
  • Review Default System Options Supplied with the Product
  • Use Commands and Reports as an Administration and Investigation Tool
  • Add Value to the Audit Process Both in Reporting and Compliance

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