CA ACF2 r15: Intermediate Administration 300

This course will introduce additional features of CA ACF2 Security for z/OS (CA ACF2) that provide default protection for your mainframe operating systems. Topics covered in class include maintaining infostorage records (such as scope, shift, profile and cross-reference) and defining the global system options, as well as working with the FDR, LIDREC DSECT and ACF commands and utilities. During the course, the material covered will be reinforced through case studies and demonstrations.
  • CA ACF2 R12: Basic Administration 200 (06ACF20021)
  • Understanding of data processing concepts and terminology
  • Experience with TSO/ISPF
2 Days/Lecture & Lab
  • Security Administrators
  • Systems Programmers
  • Security Auditors
  • Database Administrators
  • Overview
  • ACF Field Definition Record
  • Describe Global System Options
  • Maintain Global System Options
  • Cross Reference
  • Record Types and Groupings
  • Shift, Zone and Scope Records
  • Profile Records and Commands
  • Commands and Utilities

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