CA ADS Version19.x:ApplicationDevelopment200

The CA ADS for CA IDMS Application Development course focuses on creating an application using the CA ADS environment and tools. It includes opportunities for hands-on work with provided code samples. After completing this course, you will be able to more effectively code, test and debug CA ADS online database applications
Before taking this course, students should take CA IDMS/DB: Concepts and Facilities (06IDM20043) and CA IDMS/DB: Database Navigation (06IDM20023).
5 Days/Lecture & Lab
The CA ADS Application Development course will help your Application Developers gain the knowledge and skill required to create CA ADS applications. Your developers will get a hands-on experience in creating complex applications under the guidance of an expert instructor. By the end of this training, your developers will be ready to efficiently and effortlessly create and maintain CA ADS applications for your organization.
  • CA ADS -Introduction
  • Prototype
  • Create Application Structure Chart
  • Create Prototype Maps and Dialogs
  • Generate Application Structure
  • Data Analysis
  • Data Definition for CA ADS
  • Add Data Fields to a Map

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