CA Cleanup for ACF2 and Top Secret r12 : Core 200

CA Cleanup for z/OS (CA Cleanup) reduces the efforts and pressure associated with maintaining current regulatory, statutory, and audit requirements. It does this by removing obsolete, unused, redundant and excessive access rights through easily automated, virtually unattended and continuous cleanup of mainframe security databases CA ACF2, CA Top Secret, and IBM RACF. In this course, you will be taught how CA Cleanup identifies and removes or suspends unused user records, access permissions, and rules that each user has but does not use. This course will demonstrate how CA Cleanup effectively resolves the accumulation of obsolete and excessive access rights that otherwise occurs within a security file over time.
  • Basic data processing concepts
  • Experience with TSO/ISPF, batch jobs, and STC
  • Basic understanding of your specific security solution
.50 Day/Lecture & LAb
  • Security Administrator
  • Auditor
  • Personnel, who install, maintain, administer, or audit security
  • Automated Mainframe Security Cleanup

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