CA-Dispatch Release 11 End User (Reports)

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This course is designed for end users who will be viewing and printing reports using the Online Viewing Facility in CA-Dispatch.

There are no prerequisites for this course.

4 Hours

This course is designed for CA-Dispatch users to view and manipulate reports using the Online Viewing Facility.

  • CA-Dispatch Concepts
  • How to Select A Report
  • User/Recipient Report Access Path
  • The Report Selection List
  • On-Line Viewing Report Screen
  • How to Print A Report
  • Using the Print Commands
  • On-Line Viewing Print Request Screen
  • Selecting an Alternate Printer
  • Overview of Advanced Functions
  • Changing Your Printer ID Default
  • On-Line Viewing Printer Selection Screen
  • Controlling the Sequence Numbers
  • Setting the Scroll Definition
  • Using the 'Go To' and Find Text Commands
  • Displaying Column Numbers of a Report
  • Viewing Column Numbers of a Report
  • Suppressing Columns from Views
  • Freezing Columns of Text
  • Using the K Command
  • Freezing Lines of Data
  • Online Viewing Cut and Paste Feature
  • Online Viewing Recipient Report Profiles
  • Online Viewing Profile Printing
  • On-line Viewing Editor Commands (Short Cuts)
  • Scroll Commands
  • Report Display Modification Commands

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